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Article date 19 September 2012
Revised 26 October 2016

Infrastructure at Hatfield

As part of our hypothesis for a railway line from Watford via St Albans to Welwyn Garden City and Hertford, the railway line would be anticipated to pass through Hatfield. Here it would reasonably run parallel to the A1(M).

Watford and St Albans to Welwyn, Hertford and Broxbourne Junction via Galleria at Hatfield

The A1(M) runs in tunnel under Hatfield. This tunnel provides four lanes northbound and three lanes southbound, the additional lane northbound being a slip road to a junction north of the tunnel exit.

It would be desireable to find a means of making provision for a new railway line through Hatfield whilst minimising disruption. We also hypothesise a new station, Galleria at Hatfield.

At this stage, we have undertaken no more than minimal investigation. The thoughts outlined here can only be regarded as provisional.

To the east of junction 2 of the A1(M) there is a junction between the A1001 and the A1000. This junction incorporates a fly-over and takes up a lot of land, nevertheless it does not permit journeys between A1(M) junction 2 and the A1000 to Hatfield but only between A1(M) junction 2 and the A1000 to Potters Bar. We would like to hypothesise a replacement junction between the A1000 and the A1001, taking less space and with the journey restriction removed. This might be achieved by means of a roundabout. It would be interesting to know if the redundant sections of road could be removed in such a way as to make land available for housing.

With the ability for those travelling northbound on the A1(M) to leave at junction 2 for Hatfield and for the A414 to Hertford, the facility to leave the A1(M) northbound at junction 4 for the A414 to Hertford might be withdrawn, in which case the slip road through the tunnel under Hatfield northbound might no longer be required.

We are not suggesting this slip road could be made available for a single track railway line, since there would probably be insufficient width available. Instead, we suggest that, by means of road signage and markings, the slip road might become a road for local (motorway standard) traffic northbound and which would diverge from the A1(M) main carriageway by means of what is currently signposted as junction 4.

The A1001 northbound through Hatfield might close. For vehicles permitted to use a motorway, the replacement route would be to use the slip road through the A1(M) tunnel under Hatfield, converted for use by local traffic. There would also be a new route northbound almost certainly to the west of the current route of the A1001, and to which the A1057 would probably connect.

Through Hatfield on the A1001, perhaps only the southbound route would remain available. All existing access from the A1001 would be subject to investigation, particularly existing access from the A1001 northbound.

The intention is that a strip of land would become available for a railway line. Much work would be required to ascertain details, as also a location for a hypothesised new station Galleria at Hatfield.

As we stated earlier, the thoughts outlined here can only be regarded as provisional. There may be alternatives, particularly of interest if they were demonstrated to be non-disruptive.

An alternative might be for the new railway line to run further to the west through the western outskirts of Hatfield, for which visit : Watford Junction to Broxbourne Junction : route not via Hatfield town centre .

A second alternative might be for the new line to be constructed solely for use by light rail and perhaps with some form of on-street running.