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New railway lines and better rail services in St Albans and area
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This website documents earlier research and which no longer represents our current thinking. Our latest research is available at RailEnable

Our St Albans Rail website was developed within the context of our outline proposals for an orbital railway around London. Details of these outline proposals are available at List of earlier research articles (opens in new window or tab).

St Albans Rail exists to propose new railway lines and better rail services in St Albans and area.

A picture is worth a thousand words. To consult diagrammatic maps whilst reading our articles : Diagrammatic maps

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Project : Initial articles
Watford and St Albans to Welwyn and Hertford   24 July 2012  25 October 2016
Options for railway lines in the St Albans area   24 July 2012  25 October 2016
Watford to Welwyn and Hertford via St Albans Abbey (including animations)   02 August 2012  26 October 2016
New rail services   29 November 2012  26 October 2016
Infrastructure at Hatfield   19 September 2012  26 October 2016
Interchange at How Wood   27 September 2012  28 February 2015
History of local railway lines including Hertford North connections   28 September 2012  27 May 2019
Possible new lines in the vicinity of St Albans (partly historical)   20 January 2010  14 January 2015
Public consultation on the future of the Abbey line from Watford to St Albans   31 March 2010  14 January 2015
Radlett freight terminal   07 February 2010  14 January 2015
Track layouts for Do-It-Yourself train scheduling   10 December 2012  
Oxford to Cambridge : article relocated     
St Albans to London (article of historical interest only)   11 July 2011  02 April 2013
Who are we ?   17 March 2010  11 February 2016
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Project : Watford Junction to Broxbourne Junction
Watford Junction to Broxbourne Junction : route not via Hatfield town centre   24 January 2014  14 January 2015